Wrapped/The Transportation Project

Brockett Theatre

Tue, Apr 12 at 7:15 pm
Length: 1:30
Designer: Yvonne Boudreaux (MFA Scenic Design)
Choreographer: Meg Sullivan (MA Performance as Public Practice)
Sculpture and Dance

This piece will explore the relationship between humanity and ecology – how we co-exist with our environments in our everyday lives, and how humanity is leaving its mark on this planet through industrial development. Improvisational modern dance is performed on (and around and through) an architectural sculpture, with visual images projected onto the structure’s interchangeable screens. We are interested in how industry and technology create detachment and stifle human contact. We aim to dance in that space of detachment and try to bridge it through movement.

The Transportation Project
Playwright: Genevieve Wiley (BA Theatre and Dance)
Environmental Production

You’re riding on a bus, minding your own business. An argument erupts between two passengers. Do you change busses or do you secretly lean in to hear what happens? Other vignettes explore the tangential nature of relationships as people get on and get off the bus as it circles the campus. Wiley’s production, held in three different spaces, and with three different levels of audience awareness, becomes less about the couples on the bus and more about the experience of the audience.