Payne Stage

Fri, Apr 15 at 7:15 pm
Length: 1:30
Playwright: Ryan Pavelchik (MFA Michener Center for Writers)
Filmmaker: Lucas Millard (MFA Radio-Television-Film)
Director: Olivia Whitmer (PhD Performance as Public Practice)
Actor: Phil Dutrisac (Guest Artist)
Composer: Nano Whitman (Guest Artist)
Workshop Production

This piece will feature live performances by a CD alarm clock, a telephone, a hotel room, a television and an actor. Every performer, be it actor or object, contributes to the narrative of Sand and Glass: the TV is the past; the radio is the future, the actor is the present. Josh has shut himself into a hotel room with his failures of the past and fears for the future forcing him into a dialectic with time that occurs in the now. From his suitcase, he places specific objects throughout the hotel room that challenge him to face his moments of loss, his ideas for the future, his self-destructive addictions, and his relationships with family and friends.