The Realm

Brockett Theatre

Thu, Apr 14 at 7:15 pm
Length: 2:00
Playwright: Sarah Myers (MFA Drama and Theatre for Youth/ Playwriting)Director: Katie Dawson (MFA Drama and Theatre for Youth)
Full Production

The Realm is a science-fiction play for older adolescents and adults set in an underground dystopia of the future. It is an interrogation into suffering, control, and complacence—how much we ourselves are willing to surrender for survival and what causes us (either through immunity or ignorance) to close our eyes to others’ pain. The play traces the journey of two teenagers, Kansas and James, as they escape from a world that rations everything from water to air to the length of a human life—a plastic-coated, slogan-filled society where citizens lose even language itself.

This project is developed in conjunction with the Theatre Focus Program at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and the Head of their Acting Program, Michelle Ludwig.
The production will be performed at St. Stephen’s following the Festival.