Flesh and the Desert

Lab Theatre

Mon, Apr 11 at 2:15 pm
Length: 2:00
Playwright/Director: Carson Krietzer (MFA Michener Center for Writers)
Composer: Kristi McGarity (DMA Music Composition)
Designers: Students of the Advanced Design and Technology Class
Design & Composition Workshop/Reading

Flesh and the Desert is the story of showbiz people, troupers, and the truth that happens somewhere in the liminal space between sequins and feathers and cooking a meal at home. The nerve-center of the play is the true story of Carter and Barbara England, one of the happiest married couples ever, who met in Las Vegas in the 1950s, when she was a chorus girl, he a young jazz musician playing in a hotel band, and Vegas itself didn’t have streetlights past the Strip. This staged reading will combine Krietzer’s words, McGarity’s music, and the costume and scenic design renderings created by students in the class.