Radical Chautaqua

Winship 1.134

Wed, Apr 13 at 9:00 pm
Length: 1:30
Writer/Performers: Rebecca Hewitt, Claire Canavan, Sarah Myers, Amber Feldman, Liz Jones, Michelle Lee, Sarah Rinner, J. Richard Smith, Julia Brainin
(Multiple Programs)
Dramaturg/Director: Carson Kreitzer (MFA Michener Center for Writers)
Solo Performance

Radical Chautauqua is comprised of nine solo performance pieces with multi-media components exploring figures as diverse as Jack Kerouac and Audre Lorde, Dorothy Parker and Frank O’Hara. Ancestors real and imagined find voice in these pieces, television personalities step out of the screen, illustrations from children’s books take shape in three dimensions, and the love and poetry of a Victorian aunt and a niece come to life.