Aisle Seven

Winship 1.172

Fri, Apr 15 at 2:00 pm
Length: 2:00
Playwright: Kendall Lynch (MFA Playwriting)
Developmental workshop with Guest Director Ray Dooley
Staged Reading

Camille has a nice life. She's probably not crazy. After all, she's white and pretty. She goes to the grocery. She has a list. She must check off the items on her list. She eats and eats. Yum, good. She'd like to give her mother a call. She hides amidst the dog food. She thinks this must be the best place in the world. Emerald City. Where you can get a prescription filled, where you can get your hair done and your nails and buy jewelry and never run out of food. Where life is just like the flickering images on your television screen; always right at your fingertips. And never ever ever hard to hold on to.