Production Information We Need From You

Please deliver the information below to the NWF Production Manager mailbox at the Winship Building main office.
This information is needed for basic Festival technical production planning.
We know some of this will change as your production develops. Thank you!

1. Production Staff contact sheet.

This list should include the names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses for your production's Director, Stage Manager, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, and Technical Director. Please designate the primary contact person for your production.

2. Budget.

Provide a detailed estimate of how and where you plan on spending your money. The Production Manager must approve your budget before you can purchase PAC store materials or borrow stock properties or costuming. The Production Manager is available to help with budget planning.

3. Basic ground plan.

Please include preliminary placement of scenery including furniture (we know this may change during rehearsals-- we just want a basic idea of space use). We also especially need to know where you would prefer to have soft goods masking placed in the theatre. We will make every effort to meet the masking needs for all productions in each venue. Possible simple masking adjustments during changeovers must be arranged with the Festival Technical Director.

4. Scenery construction list.

Each production will have a limited amount of time to work in the Winship scene shop and we need a very clear idea of each production's build needs to schedule shop time fairly. Please include everything you plan on building (scenery, furniture, props), whether or not you will use the Winship scene shop. Important: The Festival Technical Director will supervise rigging and scenery installation and must approve any flown scenery plans before construction begins.

5. List of stock scenery items you hope to use.

Some basic scenery including platforming and step units is available for use but must be arranged in advance with the Festival Technical Director.

6. Preliminary light cue sheet and area lighting diagram.

We need a preliminary light cue sheet describing your anticipated lighting needs and an area lighting layout diagram. We will try to incorporate your needs into the rep plot designed for the venue. Refocusing, recoloring and additional specials during changeovers must be approved in advance by the Festival Master Electrician.

7. Audio needs.

Each venue has CD playback and basic amplification. Please advise if you plan to use any other sound equipment or live music. The Festival Audio Coordinator will need to review your sound cue sheet and source material before load-in and will be available to help with sound engineering by request. Important: No copyrighted music may be used without written permission from the copyright holder on file with the PAC production management office.