The Festival Encore

The Department of Theatre and Dance will be re-moutning one or more New Works Festival projects as part of the 2009-2010 mainstage season. We want to hear what projects you think are deserving of an Encore! Please go to the Survey to select your three favorite pieces.

Festival Encore Survey!

Featured Project

101 Ways to????m

created and directed by Halena Kays. written and performed by Jenny Connell, Tim Longo, Carra Martinez, Steve Moulds and Sarah Myers

101 Ways to? is a high energy, physical theater extravaganza using the dicey world of women?s fashion magazines as its inspiration. An extraordinary ensemble of performer/writers, designers and an award-winning director come together to create a pop-culture circus of a show. Are we better in bed thanks to Cosmo? Do we feel like voyeuristic consumers reinforcing the ever-present male gaze? What are the 10 things men are REALLY thinking? Only one way to find out: LIVE ON STAGE.

Tuesday March 31 @ 12pm, Wednesday April 1 @ 5:30pm, Friday April 3 @ 5:30pm (90 min); Brockett Theatre

The Works

The University Co-op Presents the Cohen New Works Festival is graciously funded by The University Co-op, and hosted by The University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance.

?2006-2009, University Co-Op Presents the Cohen New Works Festival

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