About the New Works Festival

The University Co-op Presents the Cohen New Works Festival is a celebration of new work created by UT students that culminates in a week-long showcase every other April held throughout campus. It is not just an event, but a celebration of a continuously ongoing process-the creation of new work. At https://cheap-papers.com/buy-term-papers-online.php you can buy term papers online and also check for additional information for you future projects.

David Mark CohenInaugurated in 2001 as a new play festival, The University Co-op Presents the Cohen New Works Festival was created and named in honor of David Mark Cohen, former head of playwriting within The University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance. Cohen was killed in a car crash on December 23, 1997, but during his life, he was an adamant supporter of new work. Today, The New Works Festival has evolved to include not just plays, but all mediums of student-generated new work. It is the largest festival of its kind, being run and organized entirely by a committee of graduate and undergraduate students, with the support of faculty co-producers.

So What Does it All Really Mean?


New: (adj)
Recently made, created or invented: Innovative in its ways of exploring form and content, development and discovery of skills and abilities, opportunity to try on unaccustomed roles in the production process.

(n) Product of original compositions: Plays, dances, films, installations, solo and site specific performance, etc.
(v) Process of making something happen or causing a specific result: Including all stages of planning, implementation and reflection.
Festival: (n)
A period of celebration, often one of cultural significance:An ongoing activity that comes together in a series of performances, readings, workshops, panel discussions, and other related events, but extends in influence and importance well beyond the period of its duration.