The Dramaturgy SWAT Team to the rescue! This year we are adding an exciting new component to the background of the Festival. Dramaturgical assistance will be avaialbe via the dramaturgy task force for all projects involved in the 2011 Festival. Think you might need a dramaturg? Set up an appointment by emailing  with DRAMATURGY in the subject line. As for the letter writing services, don't hesitate to check our offers at https://advanced-writer.com/hire-a-letter-writer


We are dramaturgs, playwrights, designers, directors, actors, and artists with significant interest  and experience in new work development. We are sounding boards, questioners, active listeners, witnesses, dreamers, proto-audience members passionate about helping you develop your project. 


Why dramaturgs? Aside from being sexy members of the theatre world, the dramaturgy SWAT team is here to help you! We are avialable to offer descriptive and objective feedback in the following parts of your project: 

  • Pre-Production consultations
  • First Read Through
  • First Run Through
  •  ANY TIME in the final few weeks of rehearsal leading up to the Festival

We are NOT here to try to change your play. 

What we are here to do: 

  • Support and Feedback
  • Process and Document
  • Educate and Develop